Video Running Analysis


     Capital Physical Therapy is pleased to announce that we are now offering video running analysis. Chip recently attended a continuing education course, "Clinical Biomechanics of Running: Getting the Injured Runner Back on The Road". At the course he learned how to analyze the running style and indentify biomechanical flaws that may affect the runner's performance and put him/her at a higher risk for injury.

     Part of the assessment will include slow motion running analysis, as this allows us to see much more and critique more effectively. Video taping will take approximately 10-20 minutes and appointments are readily available. A follow-up session to analyze the running pattern is then scheduled and this takes about a half hour. Depending on what is discovered with an individual's running form, recommendations can be made to address potential issues with that form. The cost for a running analysis is $50 and the taping/analysis will be done right at our office. For those patient's already treating at our facility, the running analysis can be included with your treatment program if deemed necessary. Please contact us if you have questions or to schedule.