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The Functional Movement Screen (FMS) is a ranking and grading system for movement patterns important for everyday normal function. The testing has been researched thoroughly and has been proven to be both reliable and valid (see The FMS, comprised of 7 functional movement tests, readily identifies deficiencies and asymmetries within movement patterns. These are issues that can reduce the effects of functional training and lead to injury or dysfunction.

injury prevention at Capital Physical TherapyAfter the testing is administered the subject is given a score and “problem” areas are highlighted. Corrective exercises are then prescribed to improve upon deficiencies noted within specific functional movement tests.

We are pleased to offer the FMS at our facility as we think it is a great way to minimize the risk for injury and also to enhance athletic performance. This is also a great tool to identify potential problem areas before beginning a workout program. Call us today if you are interested in learning more or if you want to schedule a screening.

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ACL Prevention and Performance Program

Anterior Cruciate Ligament (ACL) injuries have increased over the past 10 years with 95,000 new cases each year. It is estimated that the cost of care for repair and rehabilitation for ACL injuries is reaching upwards of $2.5 billion annually. The incidence of ACL injuries is higher in females compared to males in any given sport that involves running, jumping, cutting and explosive change of direction.

Research over the last ten years has been focused on prevention programs to reduce the risk of injuring the ACL. The key components found to prevent injury and enhance performance include a proper warm-up, neuromuscular re-education, strengthening, stabilization and proprioception. The ACL Prevention and Performance Program, offered by Capital Physical Therapy, is focused on reducing the risk of injury to allow enhancement of sport performance. This six week program will teach each athlete the proper mechanics.

Video Library - Functional Movement Screen (FMS)

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(FMS) Functional Movement Screen - Complete Video (21 min)

(FMS) Functional Movement Screen Introduction

Deep Squat - FMS

Active Leg Raise - FMS

Trunk Stability Pushup - FMS

Hurdle Step - FMS

Inline Lunge - FMS

Rotary Stability - FMS

Shoulder Mobility - FMS

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